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Sichuan Union Technology Co.,LtdSichuan Union Technology Co.,LTD (hereinafter refers to YZJ) , located in Ziyang " capital of China's energy-saving", covering an area of 70,000 square meter ,was established by dr. Jiang Ma in 1995.the size of the corporate is in the leading position. Over 23 years research and development, yzj is becoming a professional supplier devoted to the designing & production of plastic machine and plastic product .The company is set foot in the area of plastic machine, plastic product ,industrial estates , Financing Guarantee ,international trade ,recycling resourses, etc. The company is a leading manufacturer of plastic machine and plastic product, with research and development center in Sichuan .and is a synthetical enterprise group which combine with production and selling . engineer and senior engineer have occupied 31.2%of total member in the company, while 62.8% staffs had received college education .The company possess eight branches including the technological development centers, ChongQing Yazhijiang Plastic Industry co.ltd Ziyang Huili recycling resourses co.ltd ,sichuan Haili trading co.ltd, Sichuan tianyun financial guarantee coo.ltd. etc .

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YZJ Upgraded Reinforced Strap Making Machine

Series:YZJ Reinforced strap making machine
YZJ Upgraded Reinforced Strap Making Machine

PET Strapping Making Machine

Series:PET Straps Making Machines
PET Strapping Making Machine could making PET straps.

YZJ Intelligent plastic strapping band production line

Series:YZJ Intelligent Light Weight PP Strap Making Machi
pp strapping band extruder linestrap width:8-18mmStrap thickness:0.4-1.5mm

Experience fully customizable plastic strap making through YZJ intelligent machines

2018-6-27 2:21:41

Experience fully customizable plastic strap making through YZJ s intelligent machines

Why Choose the Pet Strap Making Machine of Sichuan Union Technology

2018-6-11 20:52:49

The Best Pet Strap Making Machine To Buy

2018-6-6 17:11:37

Have you been searching for a pet strap making machine and can't decide on the best deal?If so,worry no more,because Sichuan Union Technology company has got you covered.They are professional suppliers who are committed to designing new plastic machines and plastic products.The company's product include a pet strap making machine which produces very high quality strappings of polyester characterized by a tough resistance and a high breaking strength against the impact from the load.The machine pet strappings can be applied for heavy duty situations as they have the highest stability on the load.