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Experience fully customizable plastic strap making through YZJ intelligent machines
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 Sichuan fastest growing plastic machine supplier and design company is now set to expand its footprint in the plastic strap making
machine space through the launch of its newest PP and PET strapping making machines. Powerful, intelligent and automatic, these machines are set to make
the lives of plastic strap manufacturers easier with their full automation and high output.
YZJ plastic strap making machines incorporate intelligent design the plastic strapping machine from YZJ allows for the
complete processing of recycled PP or PET bottle flakes and pellets for the preparation of plastic straps that can be used for various industrial
applications. YZJ machines are superior through their lightweight and intelligent design. This allows for easy transport and maintenance to the
customer site, as well as for smoother handling and operation. The coating materials of the strap can be changed according to the customer’s requirement to include different tensile strength and thickness so that they can be made according to the function they are meant to carry out.
Up to three workers are required for each machine, working a 12 hour shift. The final strap that is made can be one or two straps with a width of up to 22 mm
and thickness of 0.5mm to 2mm which may vary depending on the type of machine that is selected. 
Wide range of strap making machines available for various applications
Select from a range of different plastic strap making machines from YZJ  to find the one that best meets individual consumer industry requirements. Customers can select from the PET strap making machine or the
range of  PP strap making machines that are available through YZJ.The PP strap making machine range includes:YZJ PP Super Thin Strap Making Machine.YZJ Intelligent Light Weight PP Strap Making
Machine,YZJ Reinforced strap making machine,YZJ general strap making machine.All these machines feature the following processes in the production of the plastic strap:
Extrusion: It is in this phase that the PET flakes are internally processed and melted, and then cooled in a water bath to solidify.
Stretching: The strap is heated up to stretch out to reach the desired tensile strength.
·Stamping: The strap is given the properstiffness through a stamping process.
Fixing: The strap is heated and then cooled toincrease its stability and prevent shrinking. 
·Winding: The strap is wound into reels for further use.
YZJ has gone a step further in securing various patents to claim its unique foray into the plastic strap production business, to further mark its quality and uniqueness of design.
YZJ Machine is a fast growing brand name
YZJ plastic machinery has become a household name today through its huge sales and service network, with a presence in over 31
provinces and 80 countries across the world. Focusing on long term development and innovation, YZJ aims to create customer value through high quality
equipment to better help customer succeed.
To learn more about the plastic strap making machine from YZJ Machine, please view plastic straps making machine.
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