PP Straps Making Machine,Plastic Recycling Machine

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PET Strapping Making Machine  Series:PET Straps Making Machines
PET Strapping Making Machine
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The Characteristics of  PET Strapping Making Machine

1.Process 100% recycled PP/PET bottle flakes or pellets.

2.Even plasticization and stable extrusion with PLC automatic control for the full line.

3.As per different requirements, changing a coating materials for make strap have better and special function. For example, the strap for packing cotton can be from enhancing the breaking strength and joint strength when welding strap.

4.Number of strap:1,2,,Width: 5mm-22mm,Thickness: 0.5mm-1.5mm.

5.Workers: 2 -3 workers per shift, 12 hours/shift;