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PP or PE crush and wash line  Series:PP and PE crush and wash line
PP or PE crush and wash line
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Introduction to equipment:
Elegant river PET-1000 II type PET bottle flakes, crushing and cleaning line is my company digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology, and its own R & D design and manufacturing of the tablet bottle cleaning equipment, the equipment for conveying, removing labels, screening, crushing, floatation separation, washing alkali heat, friction, rinsing, drying and packing etc. processing section, the cleaning production line a high quality PET bottle chip, used in the production of recycled PET polyester isometric fiber products and other high quality pet related products, changed the previous regeneration PET bottles of tablets can only do staple fiber can not be recycled polyester long fiber of history.
Working principle and features:
1, PET bottle bricks by driving or bale clamping car send belt conveyor, artificial cut bottle bricks wrapped wire, and by the belt conveyor transported to the next bottle washing section;
2 section, screening body through artificial selection section can pet bottles heterogeneous bottle, PVC bottles, Harmonia bottles, tag chip and garbage removal, and ensure a clean pet bottles into the next section;
3. Special for PET bottle crushing mill design, is expected to have a smooth, stable output, low energy consumption, vibration, noise, low value, structure reinforcing, low maintenance cost, the use of long life and other characteristics. The wet grinding, in addition to the impact of water strengthen the cleaning effect of pet and debris, and due to the cooling effect of water reduce friction heat, reduce the PET chips, prolong the service life of the cutter;
5. Floating and washing, heat washing, rubbing and washing and is PET bottle piece of final purification, rely mainly on washing force: mechanical, chemical and thermal, remove the bottle of trademark, a bottle cover, glue, potions and other impurities.
6 dehydration and packaging process, mainly to dehydration and packaging bottle.
7. Lotion circulation and sewage treatment system, according to the lotion of the deployment of the company with strong cleaning ability, low foaming and low residual, easy to waste water treatment and other characteristics, the lotion in the circulation and filtration system operation, through the filtration and precipitation to ensure recycling of lotion, so that the water consumption of drug consumption fell to save the economy level, and avoid the secondary pollution.

Applicable raw materials:
The PET sheet cleaning broken line is mainly used in PET bottle recycling of raw materials: pet bar bottling, imports of PET bottle bricks; circular bulk PET bottle recycling, etc.; usually refers to a poly (ethylene terephthalate) (PET) bottles produced in the process of producing defective products and containing beverage after recycling empty bottles after extrusion bundled form 'bottle bricks' or other packing form. Specific may include:
A: production process of PET bottle without the use of defective products;
B: Dress mineral water, pure water, soda water, fruit juice, fruit milk, beer and other drinks. After or after processing cleaning clean pet beverage bottle.
C: includes caps and labels for connecting bottles;
The D: includes bottles and non PET bottles of non PET bottles such as edible oils, spices, pesticides, chemicals, other toxic substances, etc., such as PVC.
E: including from waste collection, transportation and transit stations, waste incineration plants, garbage landfill, pollution control facilities in the recovery of the clean pet bottles, and the other is contaminated pet bottle.
F: waste paper, waste wood, waste metal, waste glass, waste rubber, in addition to the caps and labels the non PET plastic, Tu has a metal layer of plastic film or plastic products such as waste.
Note: the market of recycling standing before the package will conduct a preliminary screening of beverage bottles, but more constituents and impurities of any natural inevitable; customer to think recycling project the highest profit, the clean degree of raw materials to high, namely, impurity rate must be the lower, the better. Most of the impurity content of the recycling bottle brick is between 5%-15%.
Production products:
PET net tablets and hair tablets which are in line with customer and market requirements;
Net film: clean and free of impurities, does not contain PVC or PVC is not more than 0.5% of PET sheet net; including the piece of white -- white blue -- white, blue and green (tricolor), greenschist, variegated tablets; price to white tablets was the highest, followed by reduction, variegated tablets price minimum.
Feather: containing bottle packaging carton bottle crushed material, the way mainly to facilitate early recovery after the crushing of the storage and transportation station; due to the impurity content, secondary cleaning and separation, the price than the net much lower.
Product use:
Recycled PET net about 70% is used for chemical fiber, about 10% for electronic and electrical appliances industries of injection molded parts (modified PET), and rarely part of high quality (about 10%) of net piece will for blowing bottle industry; other industry about 10%
Technological process:
According to the customer's output range, the customer's raw material type is different (the impurity species), the product grade is different, the production process route is slightly different.

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The elegant river after-sales service commitment:
For most of you want to purchase a friend, the purchase of machinery and equipment is not difficult to get the stable quality, energy saving equipment is more difficult to find professional both in equipment development and specializes in the production, operation and management of manufacturers is difficult. Often have customers to us said: "in the past we buy equipment manufacturers to full range guiding production and operation, all rely on our own for a long time of exploration, we have than others late start, coupled with the long time of exploration, let our competitors and gap greater, not to mention in groping, pay a costly price." The elegant river keenly aware of the difficulties exist, so we take a copy mode for you to solve problems, to suppress free for customers purchase copy production and operation management mode: the purchase must accept twenty years we have accumulated in the procurement, production (technical operation, flexible formulation technology hundreds, maintenance technology, quality management and inspection, sales, management, technology and experience fully teach, system training, assessment, and the long-term to provide free formula, technical guidance, consulting and related information.
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