YZJ PLC light four tape baling unit delivered to foreign customers


In August 2018, PLC controlled the delivery of lightweight four-belt packaging unit. We successfully delivered the new PLC intelligent light four-belt packaging unit to Vietnamese customers MR Nguye, our equipment passed the most stringent performance testing and safety requirements.

YZJ PLC light-weight four-belt packing belt unit is the research and development center and technical department of Sichuan Union Technology Co., Ltd., which has digested and integrated the advanced technology of the world plastic machinery industry through many years of practice and theory. At the same time, the technical defects of the plastic machine industry represented by Japan and South Korea are avoided.

PLC is a kind of computer specially used in industrial control. It is a kind of programmable memory, which is convenient and adaptable to use by customers, and the design, installation and debugging work of intelligent system with high reliability of equipment is less. Later maintenance workload is small, maintenance is very convenient, can effectively save customer time, improve production efficiency.